The CEO Story

Destined Through Purpose - Athlete to Instant Success with Bobby Waldron

September 15, 2022 Kc Chohan Season 2 Episode 2
The CEO Story
Destined Through Purpose - Athlete to Instant Success with Bobby Waldron
Show Notes

On this 65th episode of The CEO Story, I have Bobby Waldron.  An athlete all of his life, Bobby began competing in wrestling at the age of four. His wrestling career found him winning many championships, setting records, and becoming an All-American wrestler in college. After missing the Olympic trials due to an injury, Waldron decided to pursue a career in personal training, using his college background in nutrition and physical education.

He was a top trainer at Crunch Gym in New York City, working with high-end clientele. His time in NYC led to appearances on various talk and morning shows as a fitness expert. His morning show spots lead to national commercials for fitness brands such as Nike and Adidas, as well as on-air opportunities with QVC.

He pivoted again, pursuing Muay Thai Kickboxing and martial arts. This passion for martial arts and competition led to Waldron’s next career move as a stuntman in top Hollywood films and television such as Die Hard With A Vengeance, Six Degrees of Separation and Devils Rejects, Sons Of Anarchy, Outsiders, Banshee and First Kill.

As a wrestler, Waldron was required to drop weight quickly and experimented with tons of creative measures for reaching his goal weight. One that had always worked and stood the test of time was wrapping the body with neoprene, causing the body’s thermal core temperature to rise, resulting in an increased metabolic rate. He brought this secret into his professional training life having his client wear similar products around the waist and thus The Belly Burner was born. Putting all of his resources into The Belly Burner, Waldron launched an infomercial for the product in early 2008 and the product was an instant success.

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