The CEO Story

Utilizing Your Skills to a Global Level with Victor Pryshlyak

November 04, 2022 Season 2 Episode 7
The CEO Story
Utilizing Your Skills to a Global Level with Victor Pryshlyak
Show Notes

On this episode of The CEO Story, we have Victor Pryshlyak, CEO of United Software. Victor is passionate about matching individuals with great ideas and hardworking and intelligent experts who are tired of working at their tedious job. 

Being in sales for more than ten years, both on the service and product sides, working in almost all continents, Victor gained priceless experience and connections. Moreover, he realized that no matter whom you deal with, there’s a “secret sauce” on how to win them over and ensure a long-term collaboration. 

Victor quotes Brian Tracy, who once said, "create customers for life," and he couldn’t agree more with the wise man. Most of his former and existing clients are his friends, and they maintain friendly relations beyond the business part.

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